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General Questions

1. What kinds of pod can TLK-1 support

All kinds of K-cup pod, especially Keurig K-cup pods. You can also use coffee grounds with T-reusable pod.

2. Can I brew tea?

Depends on the tea bag size. You can put the tea bag into T-reusable pod for brewing.

3. How do I make strong coffee?

You have three settings to select, and use dark roast pod.

4. Can I brew Iced coffee?

Yes, with over ice function, you can brew with low temperature.

5. Do you sell K-cup pods?

No, there are many famous coffee roasters providing good coffee and pods. We focus on how to brew good coffee.

6. K-cup pods is not recyclable.

We care about enviornmental health, that is why we provide T-reusable pod.

7. There are many Keurig Models to choose, why selecting TLK-1?

Keurig is a great brand, but there are too many models for different functions such K-iced, K-Slim, K-Mini, K-Supreme etc., TLK-1 managed to intergrate all the practical functions into one compact body.