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World's First 15-Point Puncture Needle Single-Serve Coffee Maker


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Reinvent K-Cups

Meet T-Original, a single-serve K-Cup maker that extracts coffee by industry's first Shower Streams Systemâ„¢ with innovative 15-point puncture needle. Saturates K-Cup and coffee grounds much more evenly, to extract full flavor and aroma. Reinvents coffee savoring.

15-Point Puncture Needle vs. Single

The T-Original 15-Point Puncture needle coffee maker evenly distributes water across the pod, maximizing flavor and aroma extraction for a richer, more robust cup, setting it apart from single-needle coffee makers, often leading to underutilized grounds and less dynamic flavor profile.

3 Temperatures

3 Strength Options

Revitalize your coffee ritual with the T-Original Single Serve Coffee Maker, featuring three adjustable temperature and strength option settings.

Cold Brew Over Ice

Indulge in frosty delight with our coffee maker's cold brew setting, designed for peak flavor in every icy sip. Enjoy energizing cold brew, frosted and smooth, in every glass.

Easy & Recyclable Pods

Experience the best of both worlds: the deep, aromatic pleasure of freshly ground coffee in an eco-friendly, reusable pod, paired with the ease and diversity offered by K-cup brewing. Seamlessly working with all K-cup pods on the market, no pod label scanning, free to choose your favorite pod.

Create & Repeat Your Favorite Cups

Harness the power of the memory function to select and configure your preferred brew style effortlessly, ensuring your favorite coffee is just a button press away. Save preferences for up to 3 people.


Grab Your 40% OFF